Introducing Ashiatsu to Clients

It is no secret that some of the American public is comfortable with the thought of someone using their feet to massage them. Many of them are just getting used to the idea of massage, and now you want to massage them with your feet!

Introducing ashiatsu to your valuable massage clients is a delicate art.

Learning how to market your ashiatsu skills is an imperative part of training. In my ashiatsu training course we cover many ways to introduce ashiatsu to your clients. This includes focusing on the benefits of ashiatsu to the client (instead of all of the benefits of ashiatsu to you – the practitioner), and debunking the thought that your feet are dirtier than anyone’s hands.

DIY Ashiatsu?

Another way to introduce barefoot massage to your clients is to make a little video like the one below and send it out in a client newsletter, or post it on your website. Let clients try a little informal ashiatsu massage at home where they are comfortable. This video encourages couples to try to massage each other’s feet using their own feet.

How many of your clients have told you their spouse tries to give them a massage but their hands get tired so quickly?

My guess is – a lot.

Show your how to safely try a little ashi at home! You may find that clients (and their spouses) are more willing to give ashiatsu a try the next time they are in your office.

Installing Ashiatsu Bars – What you should know before training.

DSC_0170Are you thinking about taking an ashiatsu course, but have some questions about the overhead bar installation in your office?

For most practitioners, a permanent set of ashiatsu barefoot bars is the best option for the safety of you and your client, and the most cost effective bar solution. They are not really permanent.  They are removable-but not portable.

What is the purpose of ashiatsu bars?

The ashiatsu bars are used primarily for your balance and support.  They allow the massage professional to provide consistent, fluid pressure during the massage.  You can also use them to pull up on to take your weight off your client. You can use them to push your body weight down in the event your client wants more pressure.

All ashiatsu bars are not created equally.

In order for the bars to be installed safely and to maximize the reduced stress on your body, adding ashiatsu bars to your office requires a little bit of planning.

Ashiatsu bars are not a “one size fits all” installation.  For your benefit, ashiatsu bars should be built to suit your body.  Proper height and width of the bars will help ensure proper body mechanics.  Measurements for your ashiatsu bars, and the type of bar installation required, are based on a few factors:

  • Your height
  • Your shoulder width
  • Your room size
    • A small room is actually a plus in the event you do not have access to ceiling support structures.
  • Your massage table
    • Do you have a hydraulic, portable, or stationary table?
    • Do you have the ability to adjust the table easily if you use other modalities?
  • Ceiling type / Access to ceiling supports.
    • Drop ceilings, low basement ceilings, eight or nine foot ceilings, cathedral, or loft ceilings are factors in the height and difficulty of the installation of your ashiatsu bars.
  • Room situation
    • Do you rent? Will your landlord be okay with 8-10 very small patchable holes, or a few more if a loft style bar set-up is necessary?
    • Do you share an office with another ashiatsu practitioner?
    • You may need to be a little creative depending on your room situation.

Is this a DIY project?

I have installed all three of my bar sets with the help and guidance of my constructionally-inclined family.  Each set took me, with some help, a day to complete.  If I did not know how to do it, I definitely had family members who I could have enlisted for this project.  For those without construction knowledge, or someone who knows their way around a drill and saw, then I would most definitely hire someone to complete this project for you.

There are dozens of ways to install ashiatsu bars. Which ever way you build your bars, do it safely! You and your client’s safety is dependent on your bars being installed safely and correctly!

What is the cost of installing ashiatsu bars?

For a DIY person that needs a standard set of bars installed (no tricky ceiling/room situations), a bar set up should be $50-$100.  If you hire someone to complete this job for you, you should expect to pay a few hundred dollars.

Soon, you could be learning at home while your ashiatsu bars are being built.

Now that you have starting thinking about the possibility of adding ashiatsu bars to your office, it is time for the next step – ashiatsu barefoot massage training.   My home study ashiatsu barefoot massage course includes a detailed bar installation guide within the eBook to help you on your journey to the hardware store to buy all the supplies you will need to hang your ashiatsu bars up and ready for practicing on willing volunteers (family, friends, or colleagues) and eventually your clients.

Click here to start learning more about the powerful benefits of ashiatsu for you and your clients.


P.S.  If you have questions about bars, your room situation, or anything else ashiatsu related, Email me at :


The First Step!

For a couple of years I have written a blog on my other site, Massage & Bloggywork.  I write about general massage topics, current happenings in the massage field, and professional massage products.  I recently introduced a new ashiatsu barefoot massage course on my massage CEU website, Advanced Massage Techniques.  This course is available in a home study, correspondence format.  Rather than inundating my current Bloggywork followers with posts about ashiatsu, I decided I needed a new blog.  Here we are.

My intent here is to help educate massage professionals thinking about adding ashiatsu to their practice decide whether it is right for them and their clients.  I also hope to give ashiatsu and other barefoot massage professionals a place to talk, share ideas, and explore the work of barefoot massage.  I’m excited!

Please feel free to introduce yourself and share your stories about barefoot massage.  What has it done for you and your clients?