Is Ashiatsu Training Necessary?

Thanks to Google Analytics, I am able to see that this site receives a fair amount of traffic from people wanting to learn more about how to install ashiatsu bars. I also know nearly every ashiatsu CE training will include an installation guide.

Because of this, I have reason to believe these searches are from people wanting to skip one VERY important step: training. Maybe you are one of them. If you are, you have probably asked yourself:

Is ashiatsu training really necessary?

All I really need is to look at a picture on Google, make a trip to Home Depot, find a friend with a drill, get a good pedicure, and enlist a few willing volunteers.

As an ashiatsu practitioner, what do I think?

You’re a massage therapist, you know what to do. I understand. Honestly. I have no doubt that most competent massage professionals can figure out what to do when given the opportunity to use their feet.

It is tempting to just install the bars and figure the technique out for yourself, but you are doing your clients and yourself a disservice by skipping training and most likely failing to adhere to a professional Code of Ethics.

Every Code of Ethics I have seen in the massage industry includes a section on insuring the safety of your client at all times.

Commitment to Honest Representation of Qualifications: I will only provide treatments and techniques for which I am fully trained and hold credible credentials. ABMP

Massage therapists/practitioners shall: Demonstrate professional excellence through regular self-assessment of strengths, limitations, and effectiveness by continued education and training. AMTA

Certificants and applicants for certification will: Represent their qualifications honestly, including education and professional affiliations, and provide only those services that they are qualified to perform. NCBTMB

Training is Essential

A great ashiatsu practitioner needs more than a sturdy set of ashiatsu bars to take the pressure off their hands and give a professional massage. Training will fill in those necessary gaps and fine details that will make the difference between giving a passable ashiatsu massage, and an amazing ashiatsu massage.

So, what is keeping you from training?


There is a fairly wide price range when it comes to ashiatsu training. As with any continuing education course, hands-on training is likely to be the most expensive. However, if you are comfortable with online learning, self-guided home study courses are a great lower cost alternative.

I offer a home study ashiatsu course for $199, and I know there are other training options for less than $400.


Again, there are home/self study options for learning ashiatsu. Some people/companies want to villainize home study options (especially in the ashiatsu community), but I assure you this is a great way to economically and safely learn ashiatsu. Home study is not what makes ashiatsu dangerous to the public and profession, but a lack of education in general can be dangerous.

If you don’t need a live education experience or one-on-one instruction, self-paced study can be a very effective method for learning this technique without requiring the time and cost of travel.

Busy Schedule?

It takes time to learn any new skill. It takes even longer to master the skill.

Regardless if you take training or experiment to develop your own style, you will need to rely on friends and family for practice before you are ready to introduce your new offering to clients. However, you will master the skill much faster through sound mechanics and techniques than you will through experimenting and figuring it out on your own.

Training will minimize the mistakes you will make, and give you the confidence and knowledge to give your clients an amazing massage experience.

The most efficient way to master ashiatsu is through proper training.

I urge those of you looking for an installation guide to find training. Training can save you time (not guessing on bar installation), money (save you from needing to redo your bar installation after guessing), insure that your bars are customized to you (to ensure proper body mechanics), and help you learn how to safely provide ashiatsu to your valuable clients in your practice.

Invest in your business, clients and career. The cost of training will more than make up for itself in the long run.

Learn more about effective, low cost ashiatsu training (with bar installation guides!)

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  1. Hello, I found your website and am interested in learning Ashiatsu, sometime later this year, I was curious if you accept enrolments all year ?

    • Hi Tony,
      You can purchase the course whenever it is convenient for you. Another great thing about home study courses ;). Let me know if you have any other questions.


  2. hello Ivy, I was curious if you could tell me how many hours would the course take,
    as I want to include it as part of CPE Points

    Thanks Ivy

  3. Not everyone visiting your sight plans on skipping training! I would guess that a lot of therapists, like me, are being proactive and want to see the cost, requirements and difficulty of installing bars before their training. I am enrolled in a class that costs $650 and would like my bars installed before hand so that I am able to practice while everything is fresh in my mind. I also want to make sure that the ceiling in my massage room can handle it.

    • Good point, Kris. I hope I did not come off as being rude. I think you have the right to know if bars will fit in your office before training and the approximate cost. I do have people that contact me with picture of their office to see if bars will work and my opinion of what might be needed. It is so hard to speculate on cost, though. I cannot estimate about how much a contractor will cost in other areas. That can be $100 or a few hundred dollars of the job is more complex. Or if you do it yourself, it may be less than $100. I would not hesitate to contact your CE provider with any questions about your ceiling situation. They type of ceiling, height and access to the structure above it will affect your cost and the supplies you will need.

  4. Hello ivy,I am from Malaysia.I am interested to learn your ashiatsu courses.I’ve try look up courses held here but I couldn’t find any.What is your suggestion to me? Couple years back I i did foot massage part time but I find that its really taking a toll on my body.

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