The First Step!

For a couple of years I have written a blog on my other site, Massage & Bloggywork.  I write about general massage topics, current happenings in the massage field, and professional massage products.  I recently introduced a new ashiatsu barefoot massage course on my massage CEU website, Advanced Massage Techniques.  This course is available in a home study, correspondence format.  Rather than inundating my current Bloggywork followers with posts about ashiatsu, I decided I needed a new blog.  Here we are.

My intent here is to help educate massage professionals thinking about adding ashiatsu to their practice decide whether it is right for them and their clients.  I also hope to give ashiatsu and other barefoot massage professionals a place to talk, share ideas, and explore the work of barefoot massage.  I’m excited!

Please feel free to introduce yourself and share your stories about barefoot massage.  What has it done for you and your clients?