Balance Exercises for Ashiatsu Practitioners

I remember the first time I stepped up onto my table. I had not installed my bars yet, but I wanted to know what I was going to feel like to be up there. As I looked down, and walked around my table, I was thankful for my prior gymnastics training and my limited yoga practice. I was so excited to get my bars installed! I could hardly wait.

At that moment, I could tell working on improving my balance even more would be essential for me to be a confident and skillful ashiatsu practitioners. And it was something I wanted to work on.

Ashiatsu bars are wonderful for ensuring balance, but they are not the only thing a practitioner should rely on during a massage.

For safety reasons, I recommend everyone (Yes, everyone!) work on their balance. Balance training is often overlooked as part of any fitness or exercise training.

I’ve suggested that you stretch your legs and feet.
I’ve given you exercises to improve your leg and hip control.
Recently, I posted a video for arm strengthening exercises.

And now I see, I may have done this backwards.

Balance is important, and it is where I should have began.

Here is a exercise physiologist with a short video with a couple of things you can do to improve your balance.

Here is another video. I love the first exercise!

Photo – Courtesy of Foxbert

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