Lower Leg and Foot Stretches (AIS)

Yesterday I decided I would venture out and try my first barefoot run. It went great! I started with a mile and then walked to cool down. The good news is that my feet feel great. The bad news is that I feel like my calves are going to explode.

I found this Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) protocol on YouTube. It is for the lower leg and foot. It is very thorough and just what I needed today. I know how many people can be sore when they start out as ashiatsu practitioners. Typically, upper leg and hip soreness is common when learning to use those upper legs in a new way (stabilization!). I will post a stretching video on that next. But today is lower leg stretching. This would be a great warm up before work or at the end of a long day for new and experienced practitioners

Just because ashiatsu uses gravity more that other methods, does not mean that self care and stretching is any less important!

Have fun!

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  1. Awesome, way to go!

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