Hip and Upper Leg Stretching / Flow

Yesterday I promised upper leg and hip stretches for ashiatsu practitioners. Since we did Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) yesterday, today I have a few yoga sequences/flows. I mentioned that upper leg and hip soreness is the most common complaint I hear of from new ashiatsu practitioners. Learning to have greater control your legs and foot movements takes time and practice, but is essential in becoming a great barefoot therapist. I recommend starting some type of leg/hip strengthing and stretching before and after training.

The below videos are about 20 minutes long (total) and are a great place to start.

Part 2

Warning: The echo in the above videos is a little annoying.

And since we are all ashiatsu practitioners, hanging from the ceiling is not that odd of a concept for any us. Has anyone tried aerial yoga? I am tempted to hang something from my ceiling supports and trying this out. It looks like so much fun!

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