The Rossiter System

When I made the list of other barefoot massage resources, I failed to include one resource: Richard Rossiter’s – The Rossiter System. This is a two person connective tissue stretching system that uses some barefoot techniques to get people out of pain quickly!

Their website contains A LOT of information; too much to share in one blog post.  When you visit the website, it may take you a while to become familiar with all of the terms like Rossiter Workout, PIC (Person in Charge), or Rossiter Coach.

Here are a few highlights from his website that can help you learn more about The Rossiter System: (Rossiter for Massage Therapits) (Ohio AMTA)  (Massage & Bodywork Magazine)

Any Massage Therapist/ Rossiter Coaches out there willing to talk about how this system and how it has affected their practice? Anyone thinking about this training?

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