Is Ashiatsu Training Necessary?

Thanks to Google Analytics, I am able to see that this site receives a fair amount of traffic from people wanting to learn more about how to install ashiatsu bars. I also know nearly every ashiatsu CE training will include an installation guide.

Because of this, I have reason to believe these searches are from people wanting to skip one VERY important step: training. Maybe you are one of them. If you are, you have probably asked yourself:

Is ashiatsu training really necessary?

All I really need is to look at a picture on Google, make a trip to Home Depot, find a friend with a drill, get a good pedicure, and enlist a few willing volunteers.

As an ashiatsu practitioner, what do I think?

You’re a massage therapist, you know what to do. I understand. Honestly. I have no doubt that most competent massage professionals can figure out what to do when given the opportunity to use their feet.

It is tempting to just install the bars and figure the technique out for yourself, but you are doing your clients and yourself a disservice by skipping training and most likely failing to adhere to a professional Code of Ethics.
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