Alternative Ashiatsu Portable Bar Systems

I like having options.

I like giving other people options.

One thing I stress in my ashiatsu course, is that what works for me, may not work best for you.  The barefoot strokes can be adapted use with floor mats, stools, staffs, overhead bars, hip level bars, etc…

I have heard people over the years express some concern about having their hands up above their head all day if they practice ashiatsu.  While I have to say, with proper body mechanics, this is rarely an issue.

But again, today is about options.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw these non-overhead bars*** Ashi-Fusion bars posted on Facebook.

***Update – I know this link does not work and I have contacted the owner of the site asking if they are still available. I have not received a response. If you find any portable bar systems, please share below. Thanks!