Eliminating Dry Heels and Feet

Soon it will be winter in Iowa.  This means my clients will begin to mention their dry skin, and I will  go through more massage cream because of their moisture-deprived skin. Winter is also synonymous with paying extra attention to my feet and heels as the humidity in my house drops to desert levels. I also know there are others new to ashiatsu, or considering training ,  who want to work at getting their feet ready or remedy dry feet this time of hears. The good news is that their is usually quite a few things you can do to eliminate and prevent dry (or even cracked) heels and feet.

If you search “dry heels” on Google, you will likely encounter multiple and more advice than you would ever want.  There is plenty of advice from Oprah, Podiatrists, and Nail Technicians.

Here is a little advice from me about a few things you need (and need to do), a few things you don’t to maintain soft feet for work:


Lets begin with hydrating from the inside out. Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration (even mild cases) can lead to dry skin and heels.

Moisturize and Cover

Daily moisturizing can help reduce dryness and prevent cracking. My favorite massage cream for ashiatsu (Sacred Earth)  is also what I used daily for a moisturizer for my feet.

If you are not in maintenance mode yet, and you are in need of some intense therapy, use a repair cream: Using a repair cream specifically designed for cracked heels will speed up the healing process. Amazon has plenty of products available for treating dry heels – from Heel TasticDry Heel Eliminator (from the makers of Callous eliminator), and and lots of other choices.

After you moisturize your feet, lock the moisture in with a nice pair of cotton (breathable) socks. Aloe-infused socks are not necessary. Or, take a tip from Asian cultures and find a nice pair of slippers to wear around your house when you are home.

Pamper Your Feet Daily (or Often)

Regular pedicures are great for keeping your feet soft and presentable. But, I am one of those people who need to do something to my feet every day to keep them soft. Use a pumice stone (or any other pedicure tool) to gently soften, exfoliate, and clean skin around the heel area. Here is a posts with foot maintenance tips.

Prevention ~ (Try to) Nix Bad Habits

You should also limit the amount of time wearing open-heeled shoes, sandals, and flip flops. These can these can worsen dry heels and lead to callouses.

Even I have a bad habit of running outside during the summer shoe-less.  Then I spend my night soaking my feet extra long, scrubbing extra hard, applying extra moisturizer  and reminding myself that I am running the risk of hurting my feet while running around barefoot.  I know better, but I just love being barefoot.

What is your secret to maintaining soft feet?

Photo- Courtesy of Rachel Kramer Bussel

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