Best Creams for Ashiatsu

In my opinion, massage cream is the perfect medium for Ashiatsu. Creams create a smooth glide and typically have long-lasting work-ability – two musts for an ashiatsu practitioner. Creams also have less slip than oil. Slip is definitely something you do not want as an Ashiatsu practitioner.

Clients prefer creams because they absorb like a lotion, and have a luxurious (non-greasy/oily) feeling.

So, which cream is best?  There some wonderful products on the market. I like my creams to be fairly natural, but I make some compromises if they smell pleasant and wash nicely out of my sheets. Here are few of my favorites.

Bon Vital Organica Cream

When I started practicing Ashiatsu, I switched from gels to creams for safety reasons (slip). A few years ago, I tried a sample of the Bon Vital’s Organica cream. It was quickly one of my favorites. This cream is jojoba and aloe-based. It has a light and pleasant scent, a thick consistency, organic ingredients, and works great with most other massage modalities you may practice.

Soothing Touch Versa Creme

This product has a very light, whipped consistency. When I first started using it, I was worried that this would affect the amount I would need to use, and the frequency it would need to be reapplied. But, this was not a problem at all. I need very little during a session. Even with the long-lasting feature of this cream, it absorbs much better than most other massage creams I have tried.   Soothing Touch is a wonderful company and they often have great specials on their products.

Sacred Earth Botanicals Cream

A few years ago a colleague recommended Sacred Earth Botanicals. It is a wonderful product.  I honestly get a little sad when I find out someone has not heard of it or tried it. It is thick (not quite as thick as a massage butter, but pretty thick) and luxurious. It has a light, very pleasant, natural scent. I love the smooth glide, and a small amount will last a long time. It also is hypo-allergenic and vegan. Yeah, just try to find something wrong with it. Oh, yeah….the cost. It costs a little bit more than most creams, but in my eyes it well worth it. I believe it is one of the best creams for massage.

So, there they are: my favorite Ashiatsu creams. I suggest you give them a try. Now, I want to know what your favorite creams are for Ashiatsu.

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