Portable Ashiatsu Bar Options

Some of you have been looking for ashiatsu bars may find that it is hard to find something portable, affordable, and  practical. It can be tough to find something that meets your business’ needs.

There used to be a few options for portable sets available on the internet. I have found recently that many of these options are no longer available. I have followed up with a few of the companies and the discontinuations are due to a lack of demand.

My ideal set is one you can walk under and around.  Meaning, if you practice other modalities, these bars would not be in your way and require you to tear them down between clients.

I do not have any portable sets, or portable schematics. available for sale at this time. If at any time I do find a set to recommend or offer for sale, I will make that available on this site.

If you are worried or nervous about installing bars in your massage office, send me an email and we can discuss your options.