Can your feet “feel” like your hands?

During massage training, I am sure your instructors said this at some point:

You will learn to feel muscles, tissues, swelling, or dysfunction.

Your palpation skills will improve with time and practice.

We were all cautiously reassured.

And they were right. Those skills did eventually develop and improved.  Palpation skills really do take time and practice.

So what about your feet?

Will you, or can you, feel muscles, tissues, or dysfunction with your feet?  

Can they “feel” muscles, tissue, or dysfunction as good your hands?

Even though the skin on the sole of your foot is thicker than any area of your body, many sources site that the the soles of your feet contain more sensitive nerve-endings per square centimeter than any other part of your body*– including your hands!

Amazing, right?

So, yes…

You will learn to feel muscles, tissues, swelling, or dysfunction with your feet.

Your palpation skills with your feet will improve with time and practice.

But it will happen; just like it did for your hands.

I assure you.

You may even feel things you did feel with your hands.


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