Chavutti Thirumal – One Rope, Two Feet & Healing Oils

As you most likely know by now, Chavutti Thirumal is not widely practiced in the United States. Courses for massage practitioners to take in the United States are even more scarce. If you have ever thought about taking a course, plan on a trip to the UK (where it is practiced more so than in the US). Or, plan a trip to where Chavutti Thirumal (or Thirummal) all began (in India) for a few weeks. If you want to learn more about this modality before you fly half way around the world, there is one book you should have.

Chavutti Thirummal – One Rope, Two Feet & Healing Oils The Ancient Art of Keralite Massage,

by Prabhat Menon & Asokananda

Most ashiatsu practitioners likely heard about this book sometime during ashiatsu training. I also invite ashiatsu practitioners (and Thai massage practitioners) to read this book. There are so very few barefoot massage resources available for us. The above book is the only known book about Chavutti Thirummal in English. Each resource that I have discovered over the years (none have been easy to find) has provided me valuable information that I believe has help me become a better barefoot practitioner.

The book includes a detailed background and history of Keralite Foot Massage (Chavutti Thirummal). It discusses specific oils used during the massage, and includes 200 illustrations of a Chavutti Thirumal massage. The authors did a great job of explaining client and practitioner positioning, contraindications, materials needed, and using massage strokes along energy lines.

You can purchase One Rope, Two Feet & Healing Oils on Amazon. If you cannot get a copy there, I may be out of stock. You can contact me and I would be happy to help you order a copy from Thailand. I know how hard it can be to find.

If you know of a training in the US, please share it in the comments section.

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  1. April Michael Dempsey says

    I definitely want to order this book!!!

  2. Hi, if you know how to get hold of a copy of the book on chavutti thirumal and get it to me in the UK, I’d be really interested, doesn’t seem to be available on and not even listed on

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